Educational Project

The team Creche Mãe Maria through its educational project aims for several key objectives:

1 - Ensure the necessary conditions for children to develop all aspects of their personality, particularly in the emotional, intellectual, physical and social fields, taking into account that the different paces of development of each child need to be respected.

2 - Creche Mãe Maria’s main objectives in the educational project are:

         • Making the institution a place of united people and able to act responsibly and creatively;

         • Adapt strategies and activities to the needs and characteristics of each children in order to enable differentiated learning;

         • Organize activities that may involve all members of the Nursery School and also the school community (parents and relatives);

         • Promote autonomy and the physical and emotional well-being of the children;

         • Promote the exchange of knowledge and cultures between actors in the Educational Project;

         • Encourage the child in an atmosphere of affection and confidence to:

                         o Gain their own autonomy;

                         o Develop respect for themselves and for others;

                         o Live in peace; o Socialize in groups, recognizing the individuality of each member;

                         o Initiate the habit of solidarity;

                         o Develop the ability to express, through a fluid dialogue and creativity;

                         o Develop curiosity and a taste for understanding;

                         o Develop their motor skills